Ready To Explore Your Next Chapter?

The Tower Fellows program is for enthusiastic individuals who are ready to explore their next chapter. The program offers a two-semester immersive experience that includes inspiring discussions with world-class thinkers and doers, access to the best courses and professors on campus, and a backstage pass to the best events and programs the University has to offer.

Each Tower Fellow can customize their program experience to pursue their own interests and passions with the support of an experienced faculty mentor and the close-knit community of Tower Fellows and Fellows alumni. If you're interested in exploring your next chapter at a leading university in a dynamic city like Austin, Texas, we encourage you to contact us to learn more.
Finding Your Next Chapter
Back in Class
Fellows enjoy access to exceptional academic courses and a backstage pass to the best events and programs the University has to offer.
Cohort of Your Peers
Fellows hail from a diverse range life experiences offering each other a unique source of camaraderie and support throughout the program.
World Class Thinkers & Doers
Fellows participate in weekly discussions with noted authors, scholars and experts along with regular field trips and social gatherings.
Define Your Own Path
Use the resources and program support to pursue your own interests and passions and create the next chapter that is uniquely yours.
Your Personalized Journey

Indulge your curiosity, learn and have fun.
Amazing Courses and Professors
Choose from among the best courses and professors across UT's academic programs. Your faculty mentor will help you select up to 4 courses per semester that will support your journey.

Discuss topical ideas with world-renowned experts, and debate issues with undergrad or grad students looking to you for advice as they start their own journeys. Your professor may even ask you to lead a class discussion in an area of your expertise.
Find New Passions
Learning is not confined to the classroom or lectures. Fellows enjoy behind-the-scenes tours of many campus museums, research collections and libraries. Whether your next chapter lies in the arts, humanities, business or technology, UT's diverse programs allow you to immerse yourself with like-minded experts, teachers and other learners.
Connect With World Class Thinkers & Doers
"What starts here changes the world." With the goal of helping you find the next chapter, Fellows are actively connected with the faculty, alumni, world-renowned thinkers and leaders who are striving to make our communities, our country and our world better.

Visit the Tower Fellows Facebook page to see how these experts are inspiring our Fellows.
Get Immersed In Wonderful Austin, TX
The University of Texas at Austin benefits from being in one of the most dynamic, eclectic and entrepreneurial cities in the world. Austin has been named among the best places in the US to live, study, work, visit and retire. If you're looking to be energized and inspired to find what's next for you, Austin is a great place to do it.
Guidance & Support
As a Tower Fellow, you are given the opportunity to leverage the resources of the University to follow your passions. This is your personal journey but you're not alone. Program staff, faculty advisors, cultural attaches and your cohort peers will be there to bounce ideas off of and help you craft a curriculum and journey that is a perfect match to your goals.

Fellow Faculty Advisors - Each Tower Fellow is matched with their own personal faculty advisor to guide their experience.
A Tower Fellow Is...
Are you someone who is excited about taking a calculated risk and bold enough to jump in with both feet?
Curious & Open
Are you open to other ideas and perspectives and eager to step out of your comfort zone to explore, consider and experience new ways of thinking?
Are you eager to participate in and contribute to the unique multigenerational learning environment of The University of Texas at Austin?
Do you seek to be energized and positively impact others by making an enduring difference in your community and beyond?
A Day-In-The-Life of a Tower FellowYour Personalized Journey
As you explore all that the Tower Fellows Program has to offer, there will be many opportunities for learning within and beyond the classroom, including...

Attending Classes
Tower Fellows can enroll in up to four classes per semester from virtually any college or program at the University. Choose the courses you wish you could have taken in college and enjoy the focus on learning instead of grades.
Fellows are expected to prepare, study and participate in classes just like any other student. In fact, the unique background and perspectives of Tower Fellows can make your classes more impactful on the whole class.
Making Connections/Mentoring
Fellows actively connect with a network of students, faculty, alumni, world-renowned thinkers and notable locals in a way that builds lasting relationships through tailored introductions.

Distinguished Speakers
Enjoy weekly discussions and dedicated lectures on major societal and intellectual issues that affect each of us with world-renowned experts and emerging thought leaders.
Social Events
Social events range from receptions and tours to participation in the extensive array of arts and athletics programs at The University of Texas at Austin.
Cultural & Performing Arts
Fellows have access to a multitude of cultural and performing arts across the campus community including behind-the-scenes access and personal tours of the Bass Concert Hall, Harry Ransom Center, and Blanton Museum of Art
Sporting Events
Feed off the energy of Longhorn Nation! Collegiate athletics at the University are a great way to share in the energy and enthusiasm of our community as we cheer on student athletes who are uniquely driven to find the best in themselves. #Hookem 🤘🏼
Community Engagement
The Tower Fellows Program includes events and activities with innovators who are making a difference in the Austin community, such as the Community First! Village that provides permanent affordable housing and support for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness.
Exploring Austin
Visit a local campus hotspot for happy hour where everyone gets asked for ID at the door. Or step away from campus for an evening of fine dining (in Austin, that's BBQ or tacos).
Think Time
As you consider your next chapter, take time to relax and clear your mind. Sit under one of UT's 300 year-old oak trees on a cool fall day.
Living In Austin
Share The Experience With Your Spouse/Partner
The Tower Fellows Program is a full-time, immersive experience that also offers flexibility for Fellows to stay involved in family and community activities that are important to them. Fellows are encouraged to share their experience, exploration and inspiration with a spouse or partner as they begin their next chapter. All program social activities are open to families.

In addition, the Program offers a part-time and full-time option for spouses and partners.
Program Cost & Commitment
Program Fees
Program fees for a full academic year starting in Fall or Spring is $60,000 for each fellow. A spouse or life partner who also participates as a full-time fellow can do so at the reduced program fee of $45,000.

The program fee covers all classes, official program lunches (1 per week), official program receptions (1 per week), social activities (2 per month), as well as other program events such as colloquia, symposia, etc. On-campus parking is included. Books, class materials, tickets for sporting events, tickets for performing arts events, etc. are not included in the tuition.

Time Commitment
We ask Fellows to make an almost full-time commitment to the program from late August through May. This ensures that each Fellow can fully benefit from and contribute to the community of fellows and the university at large. Classes and scheduled events will require each fellow to be on the UT Austin campus for 20+ hours per week during the academic year.

Is TOWER Fellows Right for You?
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